Cultural Imbizo

Cultural Imbizo

Imbizo 5-730

This event has past for 2016 - please check back for 2017 scheduling details in June of 2017

Come join us for a celebration of culture, art, and community! The participants from the 2016 Summer GGAL Art Program will be performing and demonstrating the various skills they have learned throughout this summer. In addition to the performances, we would like to connect with you all through sharing yummy foods from each of our cultures. We are asking that everyone bring a dish to share that somehow represents an aspect of their culture - the goal is to help everyone learn a little bit more about one another. 

Important Details: 

  • When: August 18th from 5:00 - 7:30 pm 
  • Where: Hancock Rec Center (1610 Hubbard Ave)
  • Who: Everyone is welcome! There is no need to RSVP - there will be plenty of space.
  • Bring a dish to share that somehow represents your culture 
    • I (Angela) am choosing to bring homemade chocolate chip cookies made from the recipe I have made all my life with my mom - I am choosing to define culture as "the 'place' where I come from"... you can define culture however you would like.


2016 Summer GGAL Partners

See what our girls have been up to and want to share with you at the Imbizo!


CTV - Community Television 

Check out the video the GGALs made last year - the videos this year will be focused on the immigrant experiences of the GGAL participants.


Healthy Relationships with Isa

The girls have been exploring how to develop great friendships, family relationships, and to respect yourself through games and activities. 

Healthy relationships


Ananya Dance Theatre

Watch the video below to see clips from several of Ananya's performances. The girls will perform the dance they have learned through the summer's instruction. 


Expanded Food and Education Nutrition Program (EFNEP)

The girls are going to give you a taste of what they learned by cooking up a recipe for us all to share!