Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy


The principal goal of the Financial Literacy Initiative is to improve the economic conditions of immigrant/refugee families by providing them with information and skills needed to achieve economic self-sufficiency and social/civic integration into their new communities. The FLII/R program uses the "Becoming Part of Wealth in America" curriculum written by Darryl Dahlheimer, culturally adapted by WISE in collaboration with leaders from ethnic communities. A complete FLII/R workshop is a total of 70 hours, which are allocated between the curriculum training, financial counseling, reporting, minimal case management, referrals to services and follow-ups.

Program Accomplishments:

WISE at CAPI presenting financial literacy training funded by Thrivent Financial

*Since 2004, WISE, Inc. has provided 83 culturally specific Financial Literacy training workshops to 1200 participants on budgeting, banking, insurance, investments, consumer protection and credit reports.

*Evaluations of the program indicate that the majority of participants were satisfied with the knowledge they gained to help them make sound financial decisions. Of the over 1200 participants, at least 45% reported change in behavior, i.e., paying off debts, saving money, opening new bank accounts and budgeting.

*As part of WISE, Inc.’s goal of providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services, the FLIR curriculum “Building Wealth in America” was translated into seven ethnic languages: Somali, Amharic, Hmong, Oromo, Kiswahili, French and Spanish.