Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership




Girls Getting Ahead Leadership
provides an opportunity for 9th-12th grade immigrant & refugee girls to prepare for college, improve academic skills, and build leadership skills.


Happy International Women’s Day from our GGAL Leaders


GGAL Program Includes:

• Weekly Workshops: Provide information on planning, financing,  preparing for college; accessing resources; and about career exploration.
• Group Activities: Cultural- sharing events such as Cultural Cooking workshops and networking opportunities with professional women and college students.


Mentoring Partnership of MN Partner

Mentoring Partnership of MN

• Support Services: Mentors provide one-on-one assistance to make sure participants are accomplishing their goals. Mentors help with things such as filling out college and scholarship applications, developing goals, writing essays, and helping with homework. Girls are welcome to stay after workshops to get help.
• Connection to Community: Connecting participants to other youth in the area and participating in community events and college visits.


Check out the video by Amy Her talking about her Service Learning Experience with WISE

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Program Schedule:

GGAL workshops take place every Saturday from 11:00 to 2:00 at Griggs Midway Building, 1821 University Avenue, St. Paul during the academic school year. Participants who miss a workshop are encouraged to come to the next workshop early in order to go over what was missed.

Participants are welcome to stay after workshops until 3:00 (or later if needed!) to get one-on-one assistance on writing essays, homework, college applications, filling out your FAFSA, etc.

Location & Transportation:

The Griggs Midway Building is on the corner of University and Fairview in the Midway Area of Saint Paul (View Map)

The building is right on the bus line 16 (get off on the Fairview stop). For information on bus route information, please go to here and type in “Fairview & University, Saint Paul” for your destination.

Family members are encouraged to bring their daughter to the program, or participants are encouraged to take the public transportation system.
Participants who attend workshops on time will receive 2 bus tokens or $3 to assist with transportation costs.

Financial Incentives for Participation

$250 Scholarship Opportunity

Participants of GGAL have the opportunity to earn $250 after graduating from high school and being accepted into college.
Criteria include:
• Must participate in 75% of the program activities (can make-up workshops)
• Write a formal letter asking WISE for scholarship
• Provide WISE with High School transcripts & acceptance letter into a college/university
Criteria is taken very seriously. If participants do not qualify based on the above criteria, they will not receive a scholarship. Once GGAL Alumni have successfully completed 1 year of college, they may re-apply for a second scholarship (by providing WISE with college transcripts to ensure good grades).


GGAL doesn’t end in June! We have a summer program.


Interested in volunteering with GGAL? Click here to view opportunities.