Mentor Resources

Mentor Resources

Being a mentor with WISE means...

You make a promise to commit your time, energy, and best version of yourself to at least one person we serve about once a week. We strive to help our participants understand that they are never alone, you, as a mentor, are the person that makes that statement true. Our staff team is small, which means that there is a limit to the positive influence we can spread - but, with mentors, we grow and so does our power to create change. We need you! Please watch this video to explore the concept of what we believe it means to be a mentor. 


We believe a mentor to be a...

  • Caring adult 
  • Consistent & reliable person
  • Cheerleader 
  • Encouraging presence 
  • Role model 
  • Positive influence 
  • Listener 

More videos and training materials to help you be an AMAZING mentor 

3 Tips on How to Be a Better Mentor