Get Involved

Get Involved

WISE utilizes volunteers in many of its programs & benefits greatly from the involvement of college students.  In the past, WISE has worked with volunteers from University of Minnesota, College of St. Catherine, and Macalester College for GGAL.  We look forward to having more this year.

First Hand Experience: Sadia Sabir - GGAL Mentor
"I had an amazing experience working with WISE as an intern and a volunteer. I was a mentor in GGAL program at LEAP academy and it was so much fun. I learnt a lot from the participants there. They were all curious to learn English language to integrate well in the American culture and I remember one of my students saying, "I want to speak English like Americans". As an exchange student in the US I had faced the same problems like they were facing at that time, so my own experienced helped me a lot too. We built special relations with them as mentors. I must say WISE is doing a wonderful job to help the immigrant women and girls. I hope that these students will return as mentors and help other immigrant students. Best wishes from Pakistan." 


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at WISE, please read the mentor/volunteer descriptions below. Once you have identified the program you would like to volunteer with, please email Angela at to request an informational interview. The informational interview will be roughly 30 minutes, and casual in nature. 


Volunteer Categories


GGAL or GGAL Alumnae 


Technical Support & Software Manager

Adult Programs

In partnership with the African American Friendship Association for Cooperation & Development (AAFACD), WISE will start providing immigration services to new immigrants. Volunteers would come in on a weekly basis to help recent immigrants fill out important documents & provide referrals to social service agencies to ensure their safety and permanent residency.
Time/Hours: To be determined by volunteer & Program Coordinator.
Contact: Wilhelmina Holder,