Mentor Profile: Chee Moua

Chee knew that WISE was the place she wanted to dedicate her service hours to because of her own lived experiences, “ I chose WISE because WISE focuses on helping immigrant and refugee women and girls to get a higher education. I have been in similar programs when I first got to the United States, and I know how much of an effect those tutors had on me. Now it is like my time to be the one that provides the help. It’s just going back to where you came from, and serving my population.”

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WISE Woman: Hei Nay Moo

"There are a lot of obstacles that GGAL helped me through. It taught me how to be a leader, helped me improve my English skills by having public speaking, and also help me gain self esteem and confidence. Coming together to GGAL every week with girls who were also immigrants from different countries make me realize that I am not the only one, which helps me feel better and have more courage for my future."

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Welcome to WISE

Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE), Inc. was founded in 1995 by a group of multiethnic, first-generation immigrant women. Since then, WISE has been working hard to help immigrant and refugee women and girls in the community to succeed.

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Grete Oanes