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Art by Juliette Myers


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This International Day of Peace/World Peace Day 2019, make an impact on generations of immigrant and refugee women and girls. Give Generations is WISE’ first annual wine-tasting and silent art auction fundraising event, in support and recognition of immigrant and refugee women and girls education and leadership.


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Like a mosaic, a community is made of many different and diverse individual pieces to create a unified whole. To lead like a girl means to listen, to have compassion, to trust yourself, and to allow the wisdom of your ancestors and love for your people be your guides.
— Juliette Myers, Give Generations Art Competition Winner

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Donate your art

Artists are encouraged to donate original art that represents the experiences of immigrant and refugee women and girls. Donated art are accepted in any format/style (this includes paintings, pottery, jewelry, drawings, etc) and may be picked up or dropped off at the WISE office. Donated art will be displayed at our Give Generations fundraiser and auctioned off for the strict purpose of tax-deductible fundraising. The starting bid may be specified by the donor. Individuals willing to donate original art pieces may complete the form below.

If you are interested in donating art for our fundraiser or have questions, please contact Pamela Zeller at



Pamela Zeller

Executive Director