About the Artist

 Juliette Myers



Juliette Perine Myers is a multimedia artist who has a deep passion for using art as a tool for social justice and community-building. She identifies as a queer, mixed-race Chinese-american artist, and she has been drawing and creating art for as long as she can remember. Painting, printmaking, drawing, and dance have been her primary modes of expression, and she is also an emerging mosaic artist. She's organized collaborative multi-media art events, community art projects, and she has shown her artwork in exhibitions and as a live-painter in various states and countries. A California transplant, Juliette moved to Minnesota in 2013 to get her degree in Studio Art and Psychology at Macalester College. She now resides in the community of south Minneapolis and works as a studio assistant to local mosaic artist, Lori Greene.

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Inspiration for Give Generations

Juliette Myers is the winner of WISE Give Generations Art Competition! Check out her winning piece and read about the inspiration behind it.

Art Title: Stronger Together

Description: Strong leadership means connection with your community, and connection with your inner wisdom and intuition. If patriarchal power is structured like a vertical hierarchy, matriarchal leadership is structured horizontally. It means power is shared communally, everyone is taken care of, and everyone's voice is heard. Like a mosaic, a community is made of many different and diverse individual pieces to create a unified whole. To lead like a girl means to listen, to have compassion, to trust yourself, and to allow the wisdom of your ancestors and love for your people be your guides.