Ways you can give to WISE!


 give to our ongoing fund

The most helpful donation you can give WISE is money!  With your monetary donation we have the flexibility purchase to much-needed supplies, award scholarships to our girls, provide transportation to and from programming, and much more.


Volunteer or Mentor

No money, no problem!  You can donate your time as a volunteer or mentor with our GGAL and WeLead programs.  Volunteers and mentors are at the core of our programs.  We are looking for individuals who are

  • passionate about helping underrepresented communities, girls empowerment, and gender equity

  • open-minded and culturally sensitive

  • diligent and can commit to at least a quarter/semester (3-5 months) of volunteering or mentoring (a longer volunteer commitment is much appreciated!)

Below are areas in which we generally need help:

  • Homework assistance (math, science, English)

  • Supporting the Program Coordinator with workshops and activities for GGAL and WeLead participants

  • Translating and/or interpreting (Oromo, Spanish, Karen, or Somali)

Go to our Volunteers page for more information and how to sign-up!


in-kind donations

We are open to a variety of in-kind donations to support our programs and events. This could be event space, t-shirts, school supplies, healthy snacks, event planning, etc..  Please keep in mind that the Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment provides support in education, financial literacy, youth leadership development, healthy relationships and gender equity.  We work in schools and community centers, and hold an annual GGAL Luncheon in the Spring.

Please check out our Wish List for our most-needed supplies!

sponsor us

Our annual Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership (GGAL) Luncheon will be held in the Spring of 2019!  Details will be posted in January 2019 on the event.

For more information on sponsorship, contact our Communications Coordinator Pakou Khang at pkhang@womenofwise.org