The Women's Empowerment and Leadership (WeLEAD) program serves immigrant women and girls, who are actively pursuing some form of continuing education. 

The purpose of this program is to support our Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership alumni who have transitioned into college and preparing to enter the workforce. College can be a stressful and difficult time and we are here to help make this time easier for the women we serve. 

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Leadership & Life Skills Training

WISE provides continuous leadership development opportunities in order to help young immigrant women live in a safe environment free from violence.  Activities include

  • Time management workshops

  • Financial literacy skills development

  • Self-esteem development

Academic Support

WISE continues to provide academic support for GGAL girls going into higher education. Education is one of our key components to building self-confidence and gaining economic wealth. Our support includes

  • Access to GED resources and help

  • College homework assistance

  • Financial aid guidance


Job Skills Support

WISE aims to train immigrant women to achieve economic success, fully participate in the state's economy, and to have access to diverse high-paying work opportunities.  Our support includes

  • Internship match

  • Job shadowing support

  • Referral services to connect immigrant women to a variety of resources

  • Opportunities to inspire and connect young women to members of the community

  • Resume building and writing

  • Job interview practice

How to get Involved

Those interested in participating or volunteering/mentoring with WeLEAD may contact the WeLEAD Program Coordinator.



See Lee

WeLEAD Program Coordinator