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Parent Encouragement Program

The Parent Encouragement Program started in 2020 and is a component of our GGAL program where we will work with parents to get them more informed and involved in their child’s education. This program is meant to strengthen the GGAL program by encouraging, and creating access for, parent engagement. It is a reasonable expansion of program activities and will create working relationships between the program and parents.


The most significant challenges to parent engagement are the different languages that parents speak and their different life experiences with formal education and literacy levels. Another challenge are cultural norms where parents are not involved at the school site level, many coming from cultures where the school was the teachers domain and volunteerism was not a cultural concept.

Our Progress

Under the Parent Encouragement Program, we have developed multi-lingual written materials for parents so that they can be informed of their child's education. We will continue to develop downloadable materials in addition to multi-lingual audio and culturally appropriate workshops where parents can ask questions and connect with other parents.

Oromo families line up to learn about WISE programs
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From Surviving to Thriving

Tune in for WISE' podcast, From Surviving to Thriving, hosted by our Parent Encouragement Specialist, Zamzam Dini.

From Surviving to Thriving explores the stories of immigrant and refugee individuals and the issues that concern them the most.  It is a podcast created by immigrants/refugees with guests who are from immigrant and/or refugee backgrounds.


Zamzam Dini, MA, LAMFT

Parent Encouragement Specialist

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