Parent Encouragement Program

The Parent Encouragement Program started in 2020 and is a component of our GGAL program where we will work with parents to get them more informed and involved in their child’s education. This program is meant to strengthen the GGAL program by encouraging, and creating access for, parent engagement. It is a reasonable expansion of program activities and will create working relationships between the program and parents.


The most significant challenges to parent engagement are the different languages that parents speak and their different life experiences with formal education and literacy levels. Another challenge are cultural norms where parents are not involved at the school site level, many coming from cultures where the school was the teachers domain and volunteerism was not a cultural concept.

Graphic of a mother and child reading

Our Progress

Under the Parent Encouragement Program, we have developed multi-lingual written materials for parents so that they can be informed of their child's education. We will continue to develop downloadable materials in addition to multi-lingual audio and culturally appropriate workshops where parents can ask questions and connect with other parents.

Join us for monthly family nights!

Parents and families will

  • Learn about the different stages of child development

  • Strengthen parent-child relationships

  • Receive support and resources about child development and education


The first Monday of every month starting March 2022 from 5:00PM-7:00PM


Oromo Community of Minnesota

465 N Mackubin St

St Paul, MN 55103


Members of the Oromo community

Other Details

This event is free. No registration needed

Watch our family night videos

These 9 videos give a summary of each of our monthly family nights in the Oromo language.

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Family Night Topics 2022


Zamzam Dini

Parent Encouragement Specialist