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Healthy Relationships

Open and honest communication, mutual respect, and support are all components of a healthy relationship. As the girls and women in WISE’ programs grow and mature it is important that they be able to identify the aspects of a healthy and unhealthy relationship. We want them to know that they deserve to be treated well and as equal partners in a relationship of their choosing. They have the right to set boundaries, negotiate compromises and determine what is non-negotiable within their personal relationships.

This program works with students to help them decide if, when and how they want to interact with others. The focus of the program activities are to prevent dating violence, stalking, cyberstalking and sex trafficking through knowing how to differentiate between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one; and to learn about bystander intervention which teaches them about the signs of abuse and how to safely intervene with a classmate, friend or family member to keep them safe.

Bring healthy relationships to your community

Interested in bringing the Healthy Relationships program to your school, club, or site? Our program provides different ways you can collaborate with us to deliver the healthy relationships curriculum:


For questions or inquiries, please contact Healthy Relationships Program Coordinator, Ayman Mohamed.


Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Program

WISE is collaborating with Transforming Generations and Washington Technology Magnet School to implement a 3-year sexual violence prevention program. This program will work with our partners to train teachers and staff at Washington Tech on mitigating school-based domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking through prevention, intervention, and response strategies. 

Healthy Relationships Arts & Media Projects

WISE believes in using the arts as a way to help our students heal and learn. Below are music videos and animated projects GGAL students have participated in through the Healthy Relationships curriculum.

A music video about strengthening your voice against negativity, written and performed by GGAL.

A sexual violence prevention and awareness animation written, drawn and performed by GGAL.

Healthy relationships logo


Ayman Mohamed

Healthy Relationships

Program Coordinator

Kohpa Vang

Sexual Violence Prevention

Program Coordinator

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