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Parent & Family Resources

As a component of our Parent Encouragement Program, we provide workshops/webinars for immigrant/refugee parents and translated materials in the five target languages common to the immigrant/refugee communities residing in the Twin Cities: Spanish, Somali, Karen, Thai, and Hmong.

The following resources are created by our Parent Encouragement Specialist, Zamzam Dini. Do you have ideas for a parent resource? Share your ideas to support parents with Zamzam Dini at

Family Activities Infographics

Our Family Activities Infographics provide ideas families can do to build familial relationships and decrease generational gaps in language and culture. There are seven infographics available with a total of 29 activities!

These infographics are free. We encourage you to share them with your community!

Webinars & Videos

The Importance of Family Engagement for Immigrant and Refugee Parents

Trainer: Zamzam Dini

Date Recorded: July 2020

Download the Powerpoint

From the Lab to the Streets: Research Series

Trainer: Zamzam Dini

Date Recorded: August 2021

Download the Powerpoint

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