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WISE campaigns to End Domestic Violence

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), WISE is calling for our supporters and constituents to take action in our End Domestic Violence campaign. This campaign aims to spread awareness of the impacts of domestic violence, share resources for victims, and engage community members in conversations to end domestic violence.

WISE does prevention work year-round that targets ending all forms of gender-based violence. This includes 1) active bystander intervention training which helps community members safely intervene in situations of potential sexual assault; 2) healthy relationship workshops which guide youth in identifying and addressing (un)healthy relationships around them; and 3) a three-year sexual violence prevention project at Washington Technology Magnet School which trains educators, staff, and students on reporting and intervening in sexual violence.


Take Action

Be a part of our social media conversation! Participate by submitting your photo and caption in our Google Form and we’ll take care of editing and posting your response on WISE’ social media. You are also open to making your own post on your personal social media. Just follow guidelines below:

Example of the final social media image.

  1. Take a Photo

    1. Take a photo of yourself with your hand raised towards the camera.

  2. Write a Caption

    1. Write a sentence that speaks to ending domestic violence or a statement in support of victims.

  3. Make Your Own Post (Optional)

    1. All posts will accompany the hashtag #StopDomesticViolence. This hashtag ensures that all of the posts are connected to global conversations on ending domestic violence.

    2. Here is a sample blurb that you can use in your social media post:

“[Insert your caption]. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship and home where they can feel safe and loved. Join our campaign to #EndDomesticViolence. Learn more about our DV/SA work:”

This campaign has ended.

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