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Welcoming Nancy Vang as the new GGAL Program Crd.

Nancy Hlee Vang will be joining WISE as our Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership (GGAL) Program Coordinator. Nancy comes to WISE with a background in health services and youth development. She has lead youth activities in areas of teen pregnancy, sexual health, sexual assault prevention, English literacy, and college readiness. Nancy is especially passionate about working with young girls of color and empowering them to be their best self.

Nancy Hlee Vang

Nancy grew up in a bi-cultural background, Hmong and American, and was often a rebel to her female gender role in the Hmong culture. However, it was through bi-culturalism that she became more determined to seek out her best self and be empowered through her identities.

“Being sheltered for most of my life, I felt I couldn’t do much. I had to empower myself, and now I want to be able to do the same for other young women,” says Nancy.

Nancy has worked with young girls before at the Girls Scouts of MN and WI River Valleys where she found value in her work as a mentor and leader. “During an overnight trip to [a local college],” describes Nancy, “that’s when I really noticed how much my girls had blossomed. They were not shy; they came out of their shells. They really stepped up.” She hopes to continue this work through the GGAL program and looks forward to building lasting relationships and seeing the GGAL participants take what they learn into post-secondary education or work.

Nancy describes herself as fun and outgoing. She enjoys experimenting with food, collecting books, working out, and listening to ocean breeze sounds.


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