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Mentor, Chando, dreams of starting her own women's nonprofit

A group of youth surrounding a table of beads and string
Chando (top right) making bracelets with GGAL youth

Chando Horvath (she/her) is a student at St. Catherine's University studying Women and International Development with a minor in Studio Art and Fashion Sustainability. She is passionate about helping women and wants to utilize her studies to help create an impact on the communities women are a vital part of.

After college, Chando wants to expand her knowledge and expertise on leadership and support women through nonprofit, community service, and development work. Her dream career is to start her own nonprofit organization in Benin, West Africa that will be a safe haven for women in domestic violence situations. Her vision is to educate women and help the women build their skills and knowledge to liberate themselves and their families. Before then, Chando hopes to land a fellowship that can guide her on how to mobilize and advocate for community development in the nonprofit sphere.

"I hope to utilize my unique gifts of art and design and knowledge of sustainable practices to further my influence in order to make a greater impact that reaches many people around the world."

Chando has been mentoring in the Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership (GGAL) program since Fall 2023. She wraps up her mentorship in May 2024.

Read more below about Chando and her work with the GGAL program!


Q: How were you introduced to WISE?

I saw the job posting on Handshake through St. Kates, and I immediately resonated with their mission, so I had to apply right away!

Q: What are your personal or professional goals as a WISE mentor or intern?

My goals with WISE as a mentor is to become a better teacher by being a better student. Through learning and listening I believe that there can be a connection between a potential problem and finding the right solutions that can help everyone in any situation.

Q: What did you learn or take away from your experience with WISE?

 I hope to continue inspiring and educating youth. I love connecting with people and learning about their lives and bringing together new friendships and experiences.

Q: Did you experience any challenges during your mentorship or internship? What were they and how did you overcome the situation, if applicable?

Some challenges were having to learn and teach a lesson or trying new things for the first time as we went along with the lessons. It is fun, like improvisation, and everyone is having a great time!

"It is so fun to see all the girls express themselves through their art and it makes me so happy and proud seeing everyone’s work."

Q: Please share a memory or experience that was significant to you during your mentorship/internship.

I loved when we all do crafts like making bracelets or sewing and painting. It is so fun to see all the girls express themselves through their art and it makes me so happy and proud seeing everyone’s work.


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