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Songbird, a story by GGAL

Authors: Songbird is a fictional story written by GGAL participants, Ayan Omar, Sumaya Farah, Fenet Aman, Phoenix Vang, Ililli Ali, and Halima Adam.

Creative Writing Method: The story was written using a “pass the story” creative writing technique! Each GGAL participant had the opportunity to contribute to the story and then passed it on to another participant.

The original writing and style is preserved.


Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a girl named Songbird. She grew up alone in a small village called “Dragon Kiss!” The village of “Dragon Kiss” was known for many dragons surrounding the area. Songbird lived all alone with the dragons as all the people left to venture out on their own. She was only 10 years old, not old enough to go on her adventure yet.

Years went by and finally being 13 years old, she was finally old enough to venture. She already had her backpack packed with clothes, food, and a small fire extinguisher. Being able to fend for herself for 10 years led her to be very independent and strong willed. Time struck 10 and she opened the door with a big whoosh. A cool and a calming wind blew in and moved her hair as she smelled the fresh, flowery, and forest scent.

Songbird ventures out and starts walking. As she continues on her journey, without any goal or vision ahead, she continues. She comes across a dark and gloomy forest, hesitant, she stopped and questioned if she should enter the forest. Suddenly, a huge and terrified scream came from within. Without any thinking, she rushed into the forest. She ran as fast as she could and continued to follow the loud scream. As soon as the scream got to her ear, she knew she was there. She stopped to look and saw three horrible, stinking, creatures (MEN) poking and hurting a baby dragon. She picks up anything she could find to throw at those horrible creatures. With her fire extinguisher, she tossed it as hard as she could at the closest man near her. Perfect hit, he knocked out unconscious. She quickly hid and started throwing rocks and sticks. Those horrible creatures stopped and rushed to her area to find what was or who was throwing stuff at them. Because Songbird was so small, she was able to hide and be stealth as well as duck under big leaves. With her quick mind, she started throwing sticks and rocks at other areas to lure those evil creatures away. As the men disappeared, she quickly ran to the baby dragon to cut it loose. As soon as she was in front of the baby dragon, she was mesmerized at it’s beautiful color of blue emerald and shiny scales.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


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