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WISE participates in a #STOPdomesticviolence campaign

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2020, WISE initiated a #StopDomesticViolence campaign with GGAL and WeLEAD students. STOP imagery was shared all throughout the month of October on the WISE social medias.

This pandemic has brought increasing reports of violence and distress in the home and our hope is that you join us in bringing awareness to this problem. Thank you to all our participants for raising their voices against domestic violence!

Campaign Testimonials

“Forms of abuse: physical, emotional, verbal, and mental! Your life matters!” -See
“A house where a woman is unsafe is not a home.” -Mu
“No means no.” -Hannah
“You deserve a loving and healthy relationship. You deserve joy. You deserve peace.” -Cydi
“Wait, STOP!!! I matter!” -Nancy
“Be brave and don’t give up.” -Jordan
“Believe her!” -Hannah
“Raise you hands for blessing, to give wind to their winds, to pick them up when they fall but NEVER to silence their voice, to silence their opinions, to silence their beliefs.” -Rupa
“Don’t give up!” -Ayan
“Abuse comes in different forms. Your invisible wounds are real too.” -Zamzam
“You’re not alone!! Stop, I matter! We’re in this together!” -Linda
“You are not to blame for your abuser’s actions.” -Pakou
“I will protect my happiness.” -Eh Ry Win
“Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.” -Sher Wah
“You took away my innocence but you can never take away my spirit to survive.” -Sher Wah
“It IS your business to stop domestic violence — get informed and take action!!” -Pamela
“It’s ok to not be ok. You are not alone.” -Phoenix
“Don’t let anyone control you, you are the queen.” -Anonymous GGAL


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