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GGAL participant, Anina, navigates issues with her body image

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

By Anina V. GGAL Participant

Anina in her dress

A time where I overcame a challenge was when I chose an outfit to wear for my dance at school. This all took place at home and the people involved were my friends and sister. I had put on a dress but I didn’t like to see myself in the mirror in that dress. My sister Melody told me I looked great in it and my friend who came over to get ready with me said I also looked great in it.

At first I felt very sad and ugly. I had no confidence, but then I felt so much confidence and so much happier after getting comfortable with my own skin and hearing that I looked okay. I had that reassurance and support that I needed. Later on when I went to the dance, I gained so much compliments saying that I looked amazing. Of course it made me feel better, but what made me feel better was because I felt amazing myself.

“I’m still on my journey to loving myself. It’s hard, but I know I can do it.”

What I learned from this experience is that even when people compliment you, it may bring you happiness but you really need to feel it inside yourself to be fully happy. It’ll be hard and it takes time, but we will get there at some point to loving ourselves. I’m still on my journey.


This entry was a part of a GGAL writing prompt.


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