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Clara's mentorship at WISE encourages her to work towards community empowerment

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Clara, GGAL Mentor

Clara is senior at Macalester College, double majoring in Educational Studies and Psychology and minoring in Studio Art. She is passionate about educational equity, and more specifically, the role of education as a tool for building empowerment. Clara enjoys working with youth and has aimed to pursue internship and volunteer opportunities that allow her to do so. Coming from an immigrant family herself, Clara wanted to become a mentor at WISE in order to support young immigrant and refugee girls in building leadership skills and knowledge about social and cultural issues in the United States. She believes that this combination of knowledge and leadership allows individuals to become empowered to achieve their dreams and make change to issues that they care about.

During her time at WISE, Clara has enjoyed seeing the individuality of all the girls in the program, along with their unique goals and visions for their future. She has been impressed with the girls’ ability to form supportive connections and relationships with each other, and also have an incredibly fun time together. Her experience at WISE has reinforced her desire to continue working with youth in programming that aims to build empowerment and community.

Post-graduation, Clara plans to continue working as a research assistant with her psychology professor, Cari Gillen-O’Neel, researching how parents talk to their child about race. Clara is also looking forward to accepting an Americorp position in the fall and will continue empowering others.

Clara (left) with a GGAL student and GGAL Coordinator


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