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Dikshya enters college with hopes to study psych

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Dikshya Adhikari graduated from Roseville High School in the Spring of 2020 and will be attending St. Thomas Dougherty Family College this coming Fall 2020. She plans to study Psychology with the ultimate goal of opening her own clinic to support diverse communities!


Dikshya Adhikari

Dikshya’s Story

Dikshya joined WeLEAD with the intent of receiving academic support, mentorship support, and resources to help guide her on her educational and career path. Having come from a family with little to no educational background, Dikshya didn’t think she would be able to achieve educational success. Her parents didn’t have the option of attending school and having a formal education in Bhutan. “I wanted to make my parents proud because they work so hard. I wanted to be something,” says Dikshya. Moreover, Dikshya wants to break the stereotype and show that people of color can attend both private and public schools.

Even though she had her doubts about what she could achieve, Dikshya continued to receive college prep support from WeLEAD and the AVID program. Eventually Dikshya’s hard work paid off when she received educational scholarships and offers to further her education!

This upcoming Fall 2020, Dikshya will be joining St. Thomas Dougherty Family College and majoring in Psychology! Although she is excited about experiencing the ‘college life’ and meeting new people, Dikshya is also nervous about failing. She is afraid of giving up halfway through college and wasting thousands of dollars on education.

"Keep doing you! Just be you! Don't listen to what people say, it'll only bring you down!"

Even though Dikshya has her fears, she is willing to persevere with the support of WeLEAD. Dikshya believes in working hard and following her heart. “Keep doing you! Just be you! Don’t listen to what people say, it’ll only bring you down!” says Dikshya.

In her free time, Dikshya likes to watch movies, listen to music, play games with her siblings, and hang out with her friends at the mall. She hopes to travel to Switzerland one day!


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