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Our Healthy Relationships program gets a logo

We are excited to introduce the official logo to our Healthy Relationships program! The final logo resulted from months of design and feedback from our artist, WISE staff, and GGAL participants. Thank you to all who participated in the design and planning process.

Check out multiple versions of our logo below!

Logo Meaning

The main design of our Healthy Relationships logo are the infinity hearts. The hearts represent the love (romantic, platonic, and familial love) between individuals. The infinity symbol represents the continuous flow of love and support from one person to another and back. We hope that all relationships are like this continuous loop of giving and receiving.

Our logo is not restricted to a single color or palette.


About the Healthy Relationships program: This program works with GGAL participants to recognize and prevent unhealthy relationships, dating violence, and sexual assault. Participants learn about bystander intervention which teaches them about the signs of abuse and how to safely intervene with a classmate, friend or family member to keep them safe.

Contact Healthy Relationships Program Coordinator, Ayman Mohamed, at


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