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Hsi Hsi Po celebrates completing her AA degree

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hsi Hsi Po graduated in the spring of 2020 from Saint Paul College with her Associates in Arts Degree. She is proud of herself for completing her AA on time and looks forward to finding a job and earning an income!

Hsi Hsi Po sits in front of a lake.
Hsi Hsi Po


Hsi Hsi Po’s Story

Hsi Hsi Po wanted to go to college because she knew it would help her find a good job. She was able to finish college on time by keeping a good track record of her homework and other assignments. Hsi Hsi Po felt that it was easy for her to manage her time between school and her personal life. This was one of the main reasons she was able to complete her AA within the two years. She also credits the WeLEAD program for helping her with homework.

Apart from homework support, Hsi Hsi Po says WeLEAD is helping her with finding and applying for jobs. She says, “If I ever need anything, WISE would help.”

"Go for whatever you want. Don't get persuaded by what other people think."

While Hsi Hsi Po is excited about the prospect of having a job and earning an income, she is the most nervous about her limited skills. Hsi Hsi Po wants to be able to gain some work experience to help her find a good job.

Her original dream job was to be a mechanic but that has since changed. She is not sure what she would like to do in the future. Instead, Hsi Hsi Po is on a journey to figuring out her new goals and just enjoying life. “Go for whatever you want. Don’t get persuaded by what other people think,” says Hsi Hsi Po.

In her free time, Hsi Hsi Po likes to spend time with her niece, binge-watch Korean and Thai dramas, hike, and going to the park!


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