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Pamela Zeller joins WISE as the new executive director

Pamela Zeller has a long history of nonprofit work starting in her college years at Macalester College. She has worked for social justice issues involving migrant farm workers health, Central Americans seeking political asylum, victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, bilingual education and charter schools, at-risk youth, elder abuse, and many other intersectional issues of oppression. Pamela is first generation born in the U.S. on her father’s side and is proud of her Mestiza ethnicity and culture. As a single mother, she raised two beautiful and talented daughters who have continued to give back to their community, and promote arts and culture as an integral part of community and healing.

Pamela Zeller

Pamela has over thirty years of nonprofit management and development experience. She shares this experience with other organizations through her nonprofit management company, Zeller Solutions. Her experience in all facets of nonprofit work: direct service provider, program developer, fundraiser, financial manager, strategic planner, and facilitator informs her work with WISE and other nonprofits.

Pamela comes to her new position at WISE with great enthusiasm for leadership development and academic support of the future female leaders from immigrant and refugee communities in MN. She understands that education is the great equalizer, and a multilingual and plural society contributes to a richer life experience and community tapestry. Pamela is committed to bringing the necessary resources, talent, innovation, persistence, and creativity needed to realize this vision at WISE. She is also committed to challenging the educational systems and economic models that result in marginalizing immigrant and refugee girls to change in meaningful ways that support the leadership, higher education, career advancement, and entrepreneurship of these amazing girls and young women.


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