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Our statement in support of Afghanistan

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE) empathizes with the Afghan community and is pained by the violence and trauma caused by recent events. This is an event that has continuously been repeated throughout history and experienced by many refugees in Minnesota. This crisis is no doubt triggering for many of our refugee community members and we encourage everyone to care for their own mental wellbeing, and check in with their friends and family during this time.

WISE is committed to the self-empowerment of immigrant and refugee women and girls through education, leadership training, systems navigation and gender-based violence prevention. Political instability and the uncertainty of resettlement puts our most vulnerable communities, such as women and children, at risk of sexual violence and sex trafficking, complex trauma, self-harm, and other long-term mental and physical health issues. Accessing resources that can support resettled families and help them navigate complex US systems will be essential in helping refugee families thrive holistically. We urge our community members to donate to organizations in Minnesota and in Afghanistan who are doing hands-on work to support both resettled families in the US and families in Afghanistan who are struggling in the aftermath of the US evacuation.

Organizations in Minnesota who are supporting Afghan refugees through resettlement:

Organizations in Afghanistan providing humanitarian assistance:

We also urge our community members to contact their representatives to take action in protecting Afghans seeking protection and safety. Some immediate actions you can urge your representative to support include

  1. Quick and immediate processing of refugee visas

  2. Distribute Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) for vulnerable populations, including women, children and ethnic minorities

  3. Increase financial support for resettlement agencies


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