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Healthy Relationships Toolkit

The following Train the Trainer manual and powerpoint templates will guide trainers on how to facilitate our 7-hour Healthy Relationships curriculum developed by former Healthy Relationships Program Coordinator, Cydi Yang. The training utilizes additional resources developed by other individuals and advocacy organizations.

Languages: English, Thai, Karen

Train the Trainer Manual

Train the Trainer Powerpoint Templates

PPT 1: English | Thai | Karen

PPT 2: English | Thai | Karen

PPT 3: English | Thai | Karen

PPT 4: English | Thai | Karen

PPT 5: English | Thai | Karen

PPT 6: English | Thai | Karen

PPT 7: English | Thai | Karen

Teen Power and Control Wheel

The Teen Power & Control Wheel was developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project. Thai and Karen translations are made courtesy of WISE.

Feeling Cards

The Feeling Cards are a resource by Educate2Empower Publishing. Karen, Thai and Oromo translations are made possible courtesy of WISE.

Self Care Worksheet

This worksheet was developed by Mary Whitt from TeachersPayTeachers. Karen and Thai translations are made possible courtesy of WISE.

Video Guide to the Toolkit

These videos provide a "how-to" guide on facilitating each healthy relationships workshop in detail.


The powerpoint templates and manual for these workshops have been updated and may differ slightly from those seen in the videos.

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